Getting to know your community before you buy

Living in a community with deed restrictions offers many advantages, but also comes with responsibilities.  These responsibilities are not meant to be an inconvenience or impose on  your freedom, but rather offer a vehicle where each association can maintain a consistent lifestyle throughout the community.

If you are purchasing in one of the deed restricted communities that we manage, we kindly request that you review the association’s restrictions before you purchase.  By reviewing the association documents in advance, you will gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and restrictions governing the community.

It is important for each owner to understand the deed restrictions of the community they are purchasing.
 Association Documents and Forms
Barrington Woods Condominium

BWC FAQ 2022

BWC Barrington Woods Full Documents. Amendments. rules


Declaration Amend 1990

BWC Resolution – remote communication 9-24-2020

BWC Sales Application

BWC Lease application 2-2021

BWC Additional Occupant Application 3-2018

BWC Background form 3-2018


BWC-Rules and Regulations 6-14-2019

Beachwalk Condo of Gulfport
Beachwalk Declaration

Beachwalk By Laws

Beachwalk Articles of Incorporation

Beachwalk Amendment

Beachwalk Amendment Rental Restrictions & 12 Months of Assessments

Beachwalk Lease Application 9-2021

Beachwalk Sales Application 9-2021

Braden Woods Phase V Homeowners’

BW5 Purchase Application 3-2018

BW5 Declaration

BW5 Articles of Incorporation

BW5 ByLaws


Calle Minorga Condominium Association

Calle Minorga Association Documents

Calle Minorga Purchase Application 9-2020


The Carriage Homes at Lakeside Plantation Homeowners Association Inc.

CH Sales Form Updated 2-2021

Rental APPLICATION Carriage Homes Nov 2021

CH Site Map

Amended and Restated Documents

Certificate of Amendment 5.31.2017

Recorded Amendment

Quick Reference Guide – 4-15-2021


Osprey Woods Homeowners Association

Osprey Woods Declaration

Osprey Woods Articles

Osprey Woods By-Laws


Stone River Professional Center Condominium Association

Declaration Stone River Professional Center

Articles Stone River Professional Center

ByLaws Stone River Professional Center

Villa Gardens Owners Association

Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants 3-11-2020

Amended and Restated Docs Nov 30 2009

Amendment Dec 13 2011

Amendment Villa Gardens Dec 13 2011

Bylaw Amendment – Dec. 13 2011

Bylaw Amendment – Jan. 2011

Villa Gardens Application Lease-Purchase


Woodbridge Estates

WB Amended Restated Dec of Condo 2009- Bylaws

WB Amendment for sewer plant 2011

WB Rules and Regulations 6-2022

WB Condominium Q&A 2022

WB Sales – Rental Application Woodbridge 5-2022