About  Communiqué

Maureen Schoening, founder and owner of Communiqué is a licensed CAM in the State of Florida.  She has been in the property management industry for 20+ years.  Throughout those 20 years she often heard from others how displeased they were with their own association management company.  While the name of the companies varied, the frustration level seemed to resonate.  It was out of the love for her career and a passion for helping those around her that she founded Communiqué .


Our Philosophy

Communiqué was established and founded on the basic principle not just to communicate, but to communicate more skillfully.  Our philosophy of communicating more skillfully includes a promise to listen, engage, learn, and grow with your community, resulting in unsurpassed customer service.  Communiqué is redefining excellence in management for Condominium and Homeowners Associations by providing a VOICE to the communities we serve.  We strive to communicate in a way that both nurtures the relationships and protects the values in the community.